Supported Email Clients at NPG

For a complete list of supported email software and operating systems, see the tables below. Please be aware that any software that is not listed in the tables below is not supported.


Desktop Mail Support

  Zimbra Webmail Zimbra Desktop Outlook 2007 Outlook 2010* Outlook 2013* Outlook 2016* Mac Mail
Windows 7
Windows 8 - 8.1
Windows 10
OSX Versions 10.11 - 10.14

* Requires most recent version of the Zimbra Connector software.


Mobile Mail Support

  Zimbra Webmail

Gmail Mobile

Mac Mail iOS

Android Versions 6.0 - 9.0

iOS Versions 9.0 - 11.0


Zimbra Webmail

Webmail is the preferred method of email access as it is available to all employees from any modern computer or mobile device that has an internet connection. 


Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra Desktop has reached its End of Life as of October, 2019. It is no longer supported and should no longer be installed.



Microsoft Outlook is a mail client that is included with Microsoft Office. Unfortunately, this means that Outlook itself is not free and a license must be purchased before it can be installed or used. 

Supported Versions

2016 and 2013
This is the current Outlook standard for both Windows and Mac users. At this time, Office 2016 is the only available version of Office for purchase, which means this is the only version of Outlook available to users who may not already have it.

Outlook 2010 is still supported until October 13th, 2020. Until that time users may continue to use their installs of Office/Outlook 2010 to access email. 

This version of Outlook is no longer supported by Microsoft, and as such is no longer supported by NPG. If a user is using Outlook 2007 it is recommended that a newer version be purchased, or that the user be moved to either Zimbra Webmail or Zimbra Desktop.

IT’s position is not to force users to upgrade a functioning copy of outlook 2007. However, if a computer breaks or is replaced that has Outlook 2007, the license will not be transferred and the department must purchase a new 2016 license. Data transfer (PST migration) will still happen as normal when setting up the computer.

Known Issues

Zimbra Connector with Outlook
In order for an install of Outlook to be supported, the user email must be configured using the current version of the Zimbra Connector software. This allows full email functionality through Outlook. If the Zimbra Connector is not used, the user will be missing several key features provided by Zimbra. 

There is not a Zimbra Connector for Mac. This means that users who may have Outlook installed on their Mac will not have full functionality. 

Outlook Email Data Limitations
It is a known issue with all versions of Outlook that should a users email account(s) be larger than 10gb, Outlook will continuously experience slowdown and crashes. These issues compound as the data file increases. Shared inboxes contribute to the total amount of data an email account is using.

Outlook is not a supported solution for users with 10gb or more of email data. It is highly recommended that the user be switched to Zimbra Webmail or Zimbra Desktop to prevent these issues. However, users may delete some email or remove shared inboxes to reduce their data to below 10gb and continue to use Outlook.

Microsoft Support article on Outlook issues with large data files.


Mac Mail

Although we do support Mac Mail, it does require a license per user to get the full functionality of Zimbra. IT has a few licenses available but be aware that it may be required to purchase a license in order to get the most out of Mac Mail. For these reasons it is recommended that Mac users use either Zimbra Webmail or Zimbra Desktop.


Mobile Support

NPG IT will assist users in setting up mobile email on company devices. For personal devices, users will need to follow the instructions below to set up their email. NPG does not support personal devices directly. 

Please be aware that no other mobile clients, or email configurations, are supported. 

Android Mail Setup

iOS Mail Setup


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